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    What are the Fillers?
    There may be patient’s own tissues like fat or the injectable substances manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratory like – Restilane, Perlone , Dremadeep etc

    What is the treatment like?
    Dermal fillers are injected with very fine needle just under the skin surface to increase the volume where it is wanted. Anaesthesian is not required and the treatment is over few minutes. One can resume his or her activities immediately after treatment.
    In case of fat injection it is first harvested under suitable anaesthesia from the area of body where it is present in avundence like abdomen, flanks, buttocks etc. And then the harvested fat is injected beneath the skin to correct the soft tissues depressions.

    In which conditions fillers are useful?
    Fillers and fact injections are useful to correct,

    • Atrphic and wrinkled lips
    • Naro labial folds
    • Deep lines and wrinkles especially around the eyes, mouth and over forehead
    • Depressed scars
    • Soft tissues depression over any part of the body

    How long the effect of fillers lasts?
    It depends on the hyper of fillers used eg. The effect pf Restilane and Perlane last for about 6 months and that of Dermadeep for about 2 – 3 years Aquamid 7 to 10 years . In case of fat injection some amount of fat gets reserved by over a period of time and ultimately about 30-40% remains at the site of injection, permanently.

    What precautions should be taken after treatment with fillers?
    Nothing especial, though one should avoid massage over site of injection for about a week in care of filers and for 3 weeks when fat is injected.

    How safe is the treatment with fillers?
    Treatment with the fillers we use (Rstilane, Perlane, Dermadeep, Aquamid) is very safe and usually there is no complications there something may be redness or burning at the site of injection but that too is temporary. Fat being ones own tissue, there is on adverse affect of fat injection , thought there is little swelling locally due to over injection of fat, swelling usually resides in a few weeks time

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