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    HIFU- A Non-Surgical Face Lifting Technique

    Saggy skin, wrinkles are some of the basic signs of aging which most of us have to face at a certain age. We at Vasudhan are equipped with the latest non-surgical HIFU treatment to get that much desired ageless skin.

    HIFU is High-intensify focused ultrasound which has paved a miraculous opening in aesthetic surgery.

    High-intensify focused ultrasound or HIFU:

    This is the safest non-surgical procedure that is able to rejuvenate the skin and helps rid of the signs of aging. HIFU is best suited for lifting skin on the eyebrow, under the chin, neck etc.

    Earlier surgical facelift procedures were available which people often avoided.

    But this very non-invasive procedure for lifting skin is considered the best and is approved by FDA as the safest and most effective treatment. In this process, a high ultrasound penetrates into the layers of skin to reach the target cell.

    The hidden science:

    HIFU technology uses a high-intensity focused ultrasound that is capable of treating even the deepest skin layers and also SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system).  HIFU is a small handy yet impressive machine and it utilizes various beams of ultrasound which are safe on the tissues and cause no damage or harm to the tissues.

    As we grow older the collagen protein starts losing its firmness and begins to loosen up. As a result of which we end up with sagging skin on the neck and jaw as well as lines, and wrinkles.

    In order to lift the skin, the layers of skin or the collagen needs to be tightened.  This is made possible by creating thermal energy by utilizing the concentration of the beams. These beams are responsible for heating up the underlying tissues to shrink and constrict and give rise to new collagen fibres. This as result will give you the desired skin tone and be tightening. If the target tissues are subjected to a temperature ranging between 65 to 75-degree centigrade’s, then it covers all the layers of skin ranging from 1.5 mm to 3mm depth into the skin.

    The collagen content in our skin is responsible for the firmness of skin. The energy created by HIFU denatures these collagens. As a result of which they become short and thick, this increased elasticity gives a firmness to the skin.

    Which areas can be treated?

    There are a number of areas on the face and neck which can be treated with HIFU:

    • The frown lines on Forehead
    • The sagging skin of the eyebrows (droppy eyebrows)
    • Crow’s feet
    • To tighten the Cheek skin and reduce jowls
    • Reduce the double chins
    • Neck bands and folds


    What makes HIFU unique from other procedure?

    As we have already discussed HIFU is the best non-invasive treatment for skin tightening. The best part of this therapy is the capacity of the ultrasound rays to penetrate deep into the skin. This helps to eliminate the problem right at the root.

    HIFU utilizes the latest technologies and is a third generation ultrasound device. The earlier devices could tighten the skin. But now various improvements that have been made on the 1st generation device.

    The major change that the 1st generation device required was heightening its comfort level. People with lower tolerance used to face high discomfort during and also after the process. Therefore lowering discomfort level will lead to lessening the energy level. This has been made possible in the currently available third generation device.

    What are the expected results?

    The results of any particular treatment will definitely vary from person to person. However, HIFU is the best treatment for skin lift in face, neck, getting a V-face, jaw line perfection, neutralizing the jaw line, skin tone improvement, etc and is effective for almost all individuals.

    Pros and Cons:


    • No cuts, bleeding or bruising.
    • No downtime.
    • Instant recovery.
    • Visible satisfactory results for day one



    • May cause irritation during the process to some rare individuals
    • Sometimes oral analgesics may be advised to make the treatment more comfortable


    Therefore, if you really desire face rejuvenation, go for it. Get back your younger looking skin and a fresh revived look!!

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