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    Pros & Cons of Breast Augmentation

    Pros & Cons of Breast Augmentation

    Breasts are symbols of elegance and feminity. They are the ornaments adored by both men and women. No two bodies have breasts of the same size and shape. They also differ in terms of contour and projections. They are a restore a sense of beauty and confidence in women.

    According to statistics, more than 45% women are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts and desire to get them altered. They are also willing to undergo surgery to achieve the desired flawless figure, which is more fascinating than their existing body shape.

    Breast Augmentation with the implant is a widely adopted procedure nowadays. It’s the blend of art and science where surgical techniques contribute to the science area and the alteration in the existing structure fills the space of art. Determining what’s right for you – the size, shape, the type of implant, its placement within the body – has to be methodically analysed by the Aesthetic Plastic surgeon before giving it a final go.

    The Pros of breast augmentation: 

    Feeling of confidence

    Silicone breast implants are very soft and resemble the natural feel and look of the breast without any sort of discomfort to the woman. Some women with smaller breasts feel conscious about the size of their most important assets, they are embarrassed to be perceived as the flat chested woman. Breast augmentation helps the woman achieve a sense of self-confidence and acceptance.

    Post pregnancy benefits 

    Your breast may be full during the breastfeeding state but later on, the deflation can cause unhappiness in terms of the visibility of size. Implants can help them feel more confident about the shape and contour of their breasts. Statistics reveal that woman feel an upliftment in confidence after breast implantation.

    Implants Last a Long Time

    Implants usually last for a very long period of time. Implants are designed in a way so that they can last forever. There are various reason why you might decide to replace implants. With age, you may prefer smaller breast sizes or some may wish to go more natural depending on their body shape.

    Customized surgery
    Depending on your desired size and body frame, your aesthetic plastic surgeon will chart out the surgical procedure to meet your specific needs. Although various women prefer implants for the enhancement of their shape, depending upon the size of the natural breasts, fat harvested from other sites of excessive fat can also be used for breast augmentation.

    Good breast size and shape looks better in clothes

    Women with smaller chest size feel very under-confident wearing t-shirts or tight fitted tops plus they have trouble finding tops and dresses that fit them well, while on the other hand, the baggy breast makes the matter of clothing even more complicated, which creates an unflattering look. Post breast implants, many women have a shift of confidence while flaunting their assets in a more confident way.

    Cons of breast implant : 

    Long recovery time
    One of the biggest disadvantages of breast augmentation is that it requires a surgical intervention under anaesthesia which some women do not prefer. Also, there is a recovery time involved where the option to be back on the job the other day may not be pragmatic. Usually, women take 5-7 days off from work post breast augmentation. The feeling of discomfort is sort of a common buddy for first few days post-surgeries, but soon implants start feeling like a normal part of your body.

    Resuming all, the work activities is okay but still, it is restricted to pursue any heavy exercise but you can anyway resume with a light exercise regime within a few days.

    Risk for Complications
    Breast implantation can accompany various risks. So, it is necessary to choose a skilled, trained and experienced aesthetic plastic surgeon that intensifies your confidence and reduces the risk of any sort of complication post-surgery. Complications can still occur after breast augmentation, for instance, slight pain in breast and some sensations and alterations in the nipples.

    Choosing the Wrong Implant
    Another potential risk is the choice of implants. Implants should be in accordance with the shape and size otherwise entire procedure becomes useless as the satisfactory results can’t be obtained. For example, saline implants may be a choice for some women. But they are likely to cause evident rippling beneath the skin and an unnatural feel of the breast.

    Some women make a mistake of choosing the wrong implant that is way too large for their body frames, often the surgeon fail to recommend the appropriates size. Picking an over-sized implant can cause irregularities in the breast and make them look awkward in future.

    Complicated Mammograms

    The presence of implants can make it more complicated to get the exact pictures of the mammogram. The implants cast shadows, which make it even harder to detect any sort of lumps or cancer. However with the current advancement in technology, one can have a mammography with no interference from the implant.

    If you get regular mammograms, it’s important to let your surgeon know that you have implants. So that he may take all the essential steps in order to ensure proper safety.

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  • Posted by Bethany Birchridge on April 11, 2018, 8:21 pm

    Huh, I never took into account that the breasts may become more saggy after the nursing stage is over for mothers. My friend has large breasts, but feels like they are too saggy. See doesn’t want to make her boobs bigger, but she would like to make them more perky. Is that type of surgery available?

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    • Posted by michelle on July 1, 2018, 8:24 pm
      in reply to Bethany Birchridge

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  • Posted by Gerty Gift on April 19, 2018, 6:35 pm

    I appreciate that you mentioned that it can be difficult for women with smaller breasts to wear certain tops. My friend has had this problem and ends up just wearing super padded bras. She has mentioned the possibility of having this done and I think it would really help her gain some confidence and not feel so discouraged.

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  • Posted by Ashley Turns on April 24, 2018, 4:56 am

    Thanks for letting me know that implants are designed to last forever. Since my sister has felt flat-chested her whole life, she is wondering if it would be worth it to get a breast augmentation procedure performed. I will definitely tell her to get a breast augmentation since it could potentially last forever.

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  • Posted by James Anderson on April 24, 2018, 5:18 am

    It’s good that you’ve mentioned how implants can help women feel more confident about the shape and contour of their breasts, especially when there is deflation after pregnancy. My wife just gave birth to our child and is starting with her breastfeeding. While there doesn’t seem to be deflation as of yet, I’ll mention this to her so that we can seek the advice of medical experts about this procedure.

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  • Posted by Amanda Drew on May 2, 2018, 5:15 am

    I like how you point out that breast implants will last forever or until you decide you want to switch them out. One of my breasts is shaped really weirdly. There’s nothing wrong with it health wise; it just looks weird. It seems like there are more pros than cons, so I should find somewhere to get breast implants from.

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