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    Does Weight Loss Affect Breast size?

    What are the constant constraints that keep bugging women? It is either weight loss or breast size and the inter-relation between the two.

    Yes many of us are pretty much unaware of the fact that breast sizes are sometimes related to weight loss. In many instances, we observe that following a weight loss routine not only reduces weight and the waistline but also we find remarkable changes in breast size.

    Undergoing changes in body structure after a weight loss is quite a normal, but undergoing changes in the breast is a rare incident to occur.

    Therefore it can be easily concluded that the changes in the breast size after a weight loss regime is only because of the fat tissues stored in it.

    Female breast with fatty tissues:

    Female breasts are made up of milk ducts, lobules, connective tissues and fatty tissues. Female’s breasts at young age comprise mostly glandular tissues that give it a more compact and firm appearance. But with the gradual changes in their lifestyle when undergoing the transformation from a girl to an adolescence, pregnancy, childbirth, various hormonal changes creates fats to deposit around the breasts. This makes your breast to sag.

    Now that when a woman undergoes a weight loss program, the body looses the fats in other parts including the breast fatty tissues. As we know that female breast comprises of breast tissues and fat tissues. These fat cells when expands to give an appearance of large breasts, and when these fat cells shrink the breast size undergoes a reduction in size. The effect of fat loss in younger women will cause a decrease in a cup size or two and for older women, their breasts would regain the firmness.

     Female breast with breast tissue:

    So by now, we have known that losing breast size can only be noticeable when you have enough fat in your breast. But there are women who have less fatty tissues and more of glandular breast tissues. For them, losing weight will cause no effect in breast size. Also, they will have lesser chances of breast sag.

    So do you wonder how can you determine your breast fat tissues?

    It is completely a genetically driven factor that will decide if your breast will contain more of glandular tissues or fatty tissues.  The more the fat tissues, greater the breast size are in general cases. So if you are not sure about your condition, you can undergo a medical imaging procedure (mammogram) to determine the density of the fatty tissues and breast tissue.

    Summing up the matter:

    Question- Can I reduce my breast size with weight loss?

    Answer Yes, you can reduce your breast size with weight loss only when you have more fatty tissues in your breast than glandular breast tissues. If you are not sure about yours, undergo a mammogram to find out!

    However, a drastic change in weight can cause your breast to sag in spite of the presence of glandular breast tissues. If you are on a weight loss spree then make sure you undergo a low and stable weight loss program. Keep your shapes proportionate!

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