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    Non-Surgical Procedures You Can opt for Before Your Marriage

    Getting married is one of the biggest and most special events in the life of any person. So it is natural that people will want to look the best on that very special day. Often women undergo a bridal makeover session which consists mostly of the surgical procedures. It is known that surgical procedures require recovery and some amount of downtime which might not be preferred by all brides. Hence many brides plan for non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

    Non-surgical treatments:

    Sun damage, skin disorder, effects of aging, heredity all contribute to various irregularities in the facial skin or other parts of the body. A bride to be will wish to remove these marks permanently from their skin to achieve a beautiful and flawless complexion.

    Some of the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatments are:


    Injected with the help of a fine needle under the skin, it targets wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth, between the eyebrows and on the neck. Virtually painless, it does not require any downtime. Patients can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. It takes a week to 10 days for the effects to be visible.

    Dermal Fillers:

    They help with volume loss as a result of aging. They are used to fill in hollow areas of the face, smoothen wrinkles, remove scarring and to pump up lips. They create a rejuvenated and youthful appearance by reducing facial lines and restoring the volume and fullness of the face.

    Laser Peel with Q Switch:

    A no downtime Laser Procedure to achieve glow and remove minor skin tone irregularity and blemishes. It requires 4-5 session at an interval of 2-3 weeks. The procedure lasts for about 15 minutes.

    Intracel for enlarged pores/scars:

    Fractional RF Microneedle is used for reduction of enlarged pores and skin oiliness as well as acne scars if any. The procedure may require surface anaesthesia and lasts for about 20 minutes. 3 sessions at 1 month’s interval may be required.

    Intragen for skin rejuvenation and glow:

    This procedure is for tightening and smoothening skin and providing a youthful appearance. A single session is usually adequate. It lasts for 1 hour with no pre-preparation required.

    Fractional Er: Glass Laser for skin glow and smoothening

    A no downtime procedure requiring 4-5 sessions at 3 week’s interval each.

    It is important that the bride be started these procedures at least 3-6 months before her D-Day to achieve maximum and excellent results

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