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    Aspiration of more than 5 liters of fat or more than 7% of body weight in one session is termed Mega Liposuction.

    The indication and the need for doing a Mega Liposuction procedure would be to remove and debulk large volumes of fat from an area in obesity. In usual circumstances the amount of fat removed is from 8-10 litres to 20-25 litres in one session from more than one area of the body. The procedure though simple to carry out requires expertise of an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon. It is also important to cary out this procedure in not more than 2-3 hours. This ensures that the patient recovers quickly, does not require hospitalisation for more than a day and usually does not require any intensive care treatment.

    We, at Vasudhan Cosmetic, Plastic & Laser Surgery Centre, in Mumbai, specialise in this procedure and have the longest and largest experience helping hundreds of patients who wish to kick start their weight loss programme.

    The beauty of the procedure is that when a large volume of fat and fat cells are removed permanently from an area, the fat usually never comes back and the results are permanent and long lasting.

    We are happy to share, that a large scientific study involving more than 1000 liposuction procedures carried out at our Centre has proved an average loss of more than 10% of the body weight after Mega Liposuction.

    How is Mega Liposuction done?

    The area from where the fat is to be removed is marked and infiltrated with saline based tumescent solutions through a small & inconspicuous incision. The fat is then liquefied with the help of Ultrasonic, Vaser Liposelection machine (power assisted fine metal cannulas). This liquefied fat is then gently sucked out of the body with the help of a powerful suction device. This procedure can be carried out under local, regional or general anesthesia.

    What is the period of hospitalization required?

    Liposuction is a day care surgery. For most people a morning to evening stay in the centre is all that is required. However outstation patients may prefer to stay overnight.

    Post Surgery Care

    You will be required to wear a compression garment for at least 4 weeks (and up to 12 weeks for optimum benefit) after your procedure. Bruising, swelling and soreness to some extent are to be expected post procedure. These are temporary effects of surgery and are expected to resolve quickly.

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