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    Breast Augmentation

    Breast Augmentation

    Breast Augmentation enlarges a woman’s breasts through surgical placements of silicone breast implants. It is done to increase fullness & projection of the breasts thereby improving the balance in a woman’s figure and enhancing self-image & self-confidence.
    Another procedure in vogue to increase the breast size is for women undergoing liposuction (unwanted fat removal) from any other part of the body. Here the excess fat removed is injected in the breasts thereby increasing their size naturally. This excess fat can also be enriched with stem cells so as to provide better and definitive size enlargement.

    Am I a candidate for Breast Augmentation?
    This procedure is used cosmetically to:
    • Increase breast size of naturally small breasts
    • Increase breast volume & firmness lost during pregnancy or as a result of weight loss
    • Achieve a balance when both breasts are of different sizes or shape
    • As a constructive technique to restore a breast lost due to injury or other reasons

    The breast implant is made of a silicone shell filled either with silicone gel or saline or both. Implant placement, type, & size will be determined based on your breast anatomy, body type, desired increase in size & your plastic surgeon’s judgment.

    An incision 1.5-2inches long is made either underneath the breast just above the crease or around the dark area around the nipple or within the armpit. Then an adequate pocket is created to place the implant. The latest trend is to place the implant between the chest muscle and the sheath above this muscle. This gives the most appropriate and ideal results.

    What is the period of special care required in the hospital?
    A morning to evening stay in the centre is all that is required.

    What precautions are to be taken post surgery?
    Initial swelling or discomfort is taken care of with medication. A support bra may be recommended for 2-3 weeks.

    When can I resume my normal activities?
    You will be able to return to work within 5-10 days. Most normal activities including exercise may be resumed after three weeks or when your plastic surgeon advises you to do so. Vigorous movements, especially arm movements or heavy weight lifting may be restricted for 1-2 months.

    When will the results of Augmentation be apparent?
    The results of Breast Augmentation are visible immediately. Final results appear gradually over the next few weeks.

    Are there any complications following silicone breast implants?
    There is no evidence that breast implants will cause cancer, affect fertility, pregnancy or your ability to breast feed.

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