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    Why Mommy Makeover Recommended After Pregnancy

    Why Mommy Makeover Recommended After Pregnancy

    Carrying a child for nine months is one of the greatest joys of being a woman. But this is undeniable that pregnancy includes undergoing numerous changes in the body forever. Even on following a healthy lifestyle, dieting and exercises it is impossible to get back the pre-pregnancy appearance of the body.

    Post-pregnancy body changes may include losing the volume of the breasts, loose stomach due to the loosening of the abdominal muscles, stretching of the skin, the appearance of stria marks and dark melasma patches on the skin and laxity of the vagina post normal delivery. But cosmetic surgery has helped mothers get back their pre-pregnancy appearance with “Mommy Makeover”.

    A Mommy Makeover is a customised group of procedures that a cosmetic surgeon and women may discuss together to specifically address issues and reverse the changes that the body has undergone. Commonly the Mommy Makeover incorporates procedures like breast firming, reshaping, tummy tuck, vaginal rejuvenation and liposuction.

    Reasons to recommend Mommy Makeover after pregnancy:

    • The difference in the breast volume after pregnancy can be dramatic. Some women are capable of maintaining the proper size of the breasts. But there are women who loose the volume and firmness of the breasts. The options in breast surgery are a breast lift, breast lift with augmentation, breast augmentation or breast reduction. It is the concerned Plastic surgeon only who can give the best suggestion for the desired results.
    • During the pregnancy period carrying the baby in the womb does not only stretches out the skin but also loosens the abdominal muscles. The tummy tuck can only precisely remove the excess outer skin that tightens the abdominal wall in a way like it was before pregnancy. A mini tummy tuck may also be a good option for women who have to deal with lots of excess skin in the body.
    • The most common procedure in Mommy Makeover is Liposuction. Liposuction may be performed on the thighs, back, stomach or hips where most of the women add some extra layer of fat during pregnancy. The Liposuction procedure removes the underlying fats in the body and gives a specific body contour. Large Volume or Mega liposuction also helps lose weight in the desired areas.
    • The vagina becomes lax primarily due to lack of pelvic muscle exercises (Kegels) following a normal vaginal delivery. Vaginoplasty involves tightening these lax muscles.
    • Q Switch Lasers can be used to treat Melasma (Chloasma) developed on the skin during pregnancy

    What not to expect from Mommy Makeover?

    Often women consider Mommy Makeover as a substitute for diet or exercise. However, it must be marked that every woman has different issues after pregnancy and different goals to attain. So it is very important for the patients to discuss their problems with a Plastic surgeon to avoid unexpected situations and complications.

    What does the Mommy Makeover procedure include?

    The Mommy Makeover procedure begins with an initial consultation with your surgeon who can chalk out a personalized mommy makeover series of procedures that may target the desired areas in one or more surgeries. Surgeons recommend mothers to wait for at least three to six months after having a baby before considering a cosmetic surgery. This allows the mother to get some time to recover after pregnancy. Breast surgery is planned about 3 weeks after weaning the baby off breast milk.


    The recovery time may vary from individual to individual since different procedures have different recovery time. But there are a few common side effects which can be avoided by following the surgeon’s instructions. Heavy strenuous activities must be strictly avoided for up to six weeks. The surgeon may also provide the candidates with a surgical bra that must be worn after a breast reduction or breast lift surgery. This compression garment will help to minimize the swelling within few weeks.

    The abdominal binder may be advised for candidates who have undergone a Tummy Tuck procedure. Taking bath can be resumed once the bandages and sponges are removed (usually after 72 hours of undergoing the procedure). However, the candidates must go for a follow-up consultation with the surgeon within five days when doctors can remove the stitches or the drainage tubes.

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