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    Nevus of Ota

    Nevus of Ota

    What is Nevus of Ota?
    Nevus of Ota is a benign bluish or gray-brown lesion of the eye and the surrounding skin.

    What are the traditional methods of treatment?
    Treatments have included surgical removal, skin grafting, dermabrasion, and cryotherapy. Surgical treatment causes scarring, and cryotherapy, although it may be somewhat effective depending on the site of the lesion, is not reliable and may cause atrophy or scarring if overapplied.

    How is Nevus of Ota treated with lasers?
    Q Switch Nd YAG Laser is used to treat Nevus of Ota effectively. Dermal tissue in nevi of Ota contains large amounts of melanin, which provides an excellent target for the laser. The Q-switched Nd: YAG laser can produce very short high-energy pulses and can selectively target cells that contain pigment. It causes selective destruction of pigmented cells, with negligible damage to surrounding tissues.
    Patients are treated either without anesthesia or with topical anesthesia. During all treatment sessions, the eyes of the patients and the clinical staff are protected. Gradual lightening of the lesions is usually evident after two or three laser treatments. The treatment intervals range from three to four months.

    What Post treatment care is required?
    There is a possibility of post treatment hyper-pigmentation. The effective strategies to prevent postoperative hyper-pigmentation is to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, routinely to wear sunscreen cream, and to apply topical hydroquinone early, preferably commencing a few days after treatment

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